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Bottom case fan intake or exhaust watch online

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Feb 5, Posts: The top and rear are exhaust fans. If you keep an intake right near to the PSU it will prevent proper air circulation inside the case. Ask a new question. The logic of a rear intake fan goes by me, in that case the front fan s should exhaust. This might seem obvious, but an air cooling setup relies on cooler air outside the case than inside. Get as many of these cables out of the way as you can.

Radiator Intake or Exhaust based on location? (topicnews.infoooling) submitted I wish I could have the bottom intake fan but my power supply is 10mm or so too big so I can't fit a fan as a bottom intake But yes, I have what you have, except my front intake is heavily restricted, but I have 4 Vardar's as my push fans. Then have as many case. The Intake-exhaust direction should go front-to-back and bottom-to-top. Side-mounted fans can be intake or exhaust, depending on the setup. Manage Your Cables and Other Obstructions. Generally, it’s best to have as few obstacles as possible between the intake fans on the front of the case and the exhaust fans on the rear and top of the case. Mar 16,  · When it comes to the rear case fan it would be best to use it as an exhaust since it's normally close to the PSU and therefore will blow some of the hot air back into the case if used as intake. Try using " hdd's instead of " for reducing heat & noise (vibrations). /C.

Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Building a modern desktop PC is surprisingly easy, thanks to modular parts and a lot of solid engineering. But there are a few basic principles you can apply to almost any build to get optimal airflow, and thus, optimal cooling. That said, cooling fans come with a surprising amount of variation. But there are a lot of great bottom case fan intake or exhaust out there, so dig around sites like Newegg to see what you can find.

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Bottom case fan intake or exhaust
Bottom case fan intake or exhaust

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